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Mission & History


The Cee Investment Office Ltd (Cee) was founded in 2012. As a sustainable company, Cee Investment Office Ltd is committed to the highest standards of environmental performance. We have taken a position on addressing climate change and are reducing greenhouse emissions through energy efficiency, productivity improvements and technological innovation.

Arts and Investment

Cee's mission is to promote knowledge sharing, networking and financial independence for individual artists and creative entrepreneurs by providing business training, grants and incubating innovative projects that create new programme knowledge, tools and practices for artists in the field.

Cee’s field experience has affirmed, that artists have significant needs in multiple domains, including training and professional development, material support, access to markets, public validation, information and participation in larger communities and networks. Artists across Europe are, in short, being woefully underserved.

In addition to incubating and producing new programs for artists in Europe, Cee is working with a network of innovative organisations in communities across the union. Cee not only strengthens its own capacity through information exchange with other field leaders but also extends the impact of its most promising work through partnerships nationally.

Cee believes that by linking the natural creativity and tolerance for risk of artists and creative entrepreneurs to the latest business tools and practices and by helping them connect to new financial resources, Cee can give artists the knowledge and economic independence needed to bring their work and ideas into the marketplace, establishing a new voice for artists based on their collective clout. This is our vision. Knowledge is power. Personal networks build communities and financial independence supports creative freedom. This is the Cee Investment Office Ltd for cultural innovation.